Dennis Olle, Attorney

"Laura Reynolds has been devoted and tenacious advocate for the South Florida environment.  Laura has a wide-ranging "network" of persons, both locally and nationally, who look to her for guidance in the area in conservation. Her dedication to the environment has been inspirational to all."

​​Michael Chenoweth, Izaak Walton League

“I am the president of the Florida Keys Chapter of the Izaak Walton League of America and the president of the Florida Division of the Izaak Walton League of America, and a national director of the Izaak Walton League of America. From 1998 until 2001, I was president of Friends of the Everglades, and I’ve been working on South Florida issues for over 40 years. For many years, while she was the Executive Director of Tropical Audubon, I worked with Laura Reynolds on a variety of issues, from Biscayne Bay, to Port of Miami, Pineland protection, Virginia Key and Everglades Restoration. She has been a clear voice for conservation of our fragile natural resources, and a leader in mustering support for protecting those priceless assets. Recently, we have joined with Laura to help the Southeastern Alliance for Clean Energy work for improvements in our energy system. I look forward to working with Laura in the future.” 

Susan Glickman, Florida Director, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

"Laura's understanding of ecosystem science and policy have been a winning combination for environmental advocacy in South Florida. Her insightful perspective on how our energy choices influence water quantity and quality is vital.  With her 10 years of understanding and thinking about these issues, we are fortunate to have her working on these issues for Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.  Decoupling energy production and its large water demand is key to our future."​ 

Bob Skinner, Izaak Walton League

"Laura Reynolds has helped me obtain a valuable compromise with the Sate of Florida regarding all State Parks. I recommend Laura as a person who is very qualified to help protect the State and National environment. Her knowledge and experience are very important in a quest for a healthy environment."

Philip Stoddard, Mayor of South Miami, Professor of Biology at FIU

​ “As a Biology Professor and long-time Tropical Audubon member, I owe a huge debt to the legion of dedicated ecosystem defenders. Among these, Laura Reynolds stands out in particular.  I don’t know anyone who has effectively advanced a broader array of South Florida’s environmental issues than Laura has.  Laura played a key role at the Tropical Audubon Society, devoting a decade to regional conservation and science activism, and placing the Miami Audubon chapter on the list of hyper-effective environmental groups.  Some people wondered why a bird-centric organization would work so hard on complex energy issues, but Laura made it clear to the public that our ecosystem starts and ends with clean water and the human processes that compete for it. Laura directed a bright spotlight on how unbridled development and energy production conflict with protection Florida’s natural waters, from the Everglades to Florida Bay. Her passion and knowledge of water issues created never-ending ripples through the environmental and political worlds as her cadre of interns graduated to become change-makers in the environmental community.”


Cindy Lerner, Former Mayor Village of Pinecrest

"As the Mayor of Pinecrest for the past eight years, issues regarding our local and state environmental and sustainable priorities were a high priority for me.  It was important to be able to rely on a strong community watchdog for the many environmental issues we were concerned about in Miami Dade County.    Laura Reynolds served as that watchdog for the past five years, bringing Tropical Audubon to new heights by significantly raising the community awareness and engaging them in advocacy..   Laura was able to mix her love for the outdoors and adventure with her keen understanding of science, her passion is evident and contagious to others.  She was highly effective in informing and persuading elected officials of the environmental impacts of proposed policies and offered well reasoned alternative solutions.” 

Jim Porter, Attorney

"I have worked with Laura since 2009 on complex environmental cases Laura has always put water at the center of her policy agenda focusing on the connection between water and land use. For Florida these elements are key for protecting wildlife, human health and our economy.  Laura is an asset to any environmental strategy or legal team, her understanding of policy and science and her ability to navigate the media and donors have helped us on what would have otherwise gone overlooked or unchallenged.  She has an unwavering dedication to protecting South Florida for future generations to enjoy and we should be grateful for people who choose to fight for what is right even when it is hard and not popular." 

​​Katy Sorenson, Founder, President and CEO of the Good Government Initiative at the University of Miami

“Laura Reynolds is a dedicated environmentalist, and her passion is based on science, knowledge and reason.  For more than a decade, she has been a leader in advocating for sound public policy that puts our habitat, climate, land and water at the forefront.  She understands that our human capacity to survive and thrive depends on how wisely we treat our natural resources, and she is able to communicate those messages to those who need to hear them.”