Green Space​​
South Florida and its ever-growing metropolitan community is taking comprehensive steps to ensure sustainability. The need for emerging decarbonisation initiatives has inspired green corridors such as The Ludlam trail and The Underline to make South Florida's cities more livable. Communities can increase green space and parks by creating new parks and open spaces, renovating or enhancing under-used recreation areas throughout the region. The Conservation Concepts team has been at the forefront of many such initiatives.

Sustainable Development
The dedicated work we put into making sure that our clients achieve their maximum sustainability goals is a source of immense pride for our organization.
At Conservation Concepts we understand the importance of smart and sustainable development. As such,  the Conservation Concepts team acknowledges the need for renovating public transportation as we increase our population density in South Florida as well as the need for sustainable development initiatives for restoring our aquifer, protecting wildlife and creating long-term sea level rise resilience.

Conservation Concepts LLC has worked with a wide spectrum of non-profit to corporate entities on a range of environmentally related issues. Some of our past and current clients include:

Sustainable Energy Production
The Conservation Concepts team recognizes the great centrality of energy production at the heart  of many of the environmental issues which South Florida faces. As such, we have been heavily involved in a variety of campaigns to promote awater wise and energy smart infrastructure in South Florida. These efforts include our successful campaign to help defeat the duplicitous anti-solar amendment one in 2016, and our support of major state and federal litigation against major polluters.

Ongoing Projects and Concepts

Everglades Restoration

Beyond a shared dedication and passion for the work we do, the one major element which unites the diverse Conservation Concepts team is a devoted love for South Florida's natural ecosystems. The Conservation Concepts team is always ready to take on the challenge to help promote the restoration and sound management of our precious Everglades system. Our partnership with organizations such as the Friends of the Everglaes and the Conservancy of Southwest Florida make us an essential player in the environmental politics of the Everglades river system.