Laura Reynolds: Founding and Managing Member

Laura strives to integrate her solid scientific background with environmental policy and savvy negotiation skills in order to protect and restore Florida's environment. She serves as an instrumental tool suitable to conduct comprehensive environmental audits to determine compliance with environmental regulations ensuring this way a healthy future to Florida's citizens.
Laura has a wealth of experience in the environmental field going back over 20 years as the former Executive Director at Tropical Audubon Society, and a former Research Assistant and Adjunct Professor at Florida International University. Ms. Reynolds graduated from Jacksonville University with a major in Marine Biology and received a masters in Environmental Science from Florida International University. Some of her areas of expertise are in environmental conservation, resource management, grant writing, leadership and the organization and implementation of successful environmental campaigns at both the community and governmental levels.

Zachariah Cosner: Environmental Consulting Associate

Zachariah (Zac) Cosner is an environmental consulting associate at Conservation Concepts LLC. He first met Laura Reynolds in 2014 at a local meeting to discuss the preservation of endangered pine rockland habitat. This chance encounter led him to seek an internship with the Tropical Audubon Society later that year. Upon Ms.Reynolds departure from Tropical Audubon, Zac chose to follow her into the bold new venture of Conservation Concepts LLC. Zac joined the Conservation Concepts team on a part time basis while studying at the University of Miami, and began working full time upon his graduation with a triple major in biology, 'ecosystem science & policy' and history.  Born and raised in South Florida, Zac has an unyielding passion for the preservation of the regions unique ecology and a deep familiarity with Florida's environmental and energy policy landscape. 

Zac has experience working under  a variety of environmentally oriented organizations such as the Miami-Dade County Parks System and the Everglades Sciences division of the South Florida Water Management District.  

Claudia Tenzer: Environmental Consulting Associate

Claudia Tenzer is an environmental consulting associate at Conservation Concepts, LLC. Claudia joined the Conservation Concepts Team upon graduating from Florida International University with a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability.
Claudia was born and raised in Peru, moving to Miami in her late teens.  Living in different countries armed Claudia with a multi-cultural perspective and the ability to communicate in English and Spanish. Prior to finding her true passion in the environment, Claudia studied and earned the degree-equivalent in credits in Public Relations at Florida International University, and today these bilingual and communication skills have proven crucial to her role as a liaison to the Hispanic media, educating the public on current projects and campaigns by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and Izaac Walton League. 

Salome Garcia: Environmental Consulting Associate

Since 2013, Salome Garcia has worked on environmental advocacy campaigns for organizations in over 10 different states for a variety of non-profit organizations. Most prominently working alongside Mighty Earth on a successful corporate campaign to pressure Burger King to adopt a 0 deforestation policy into their international supply chain. From passing over a dozen local resolutions opposing off shore oil drilling, to creating a coalition of over 400 students in South Florida, Salome Garcia is an experienced environmental advocate on a mission to protect our planet.